A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A game of running and shouting.

A traveller goes into big dark hall, and need to collect stones. (wHY? i don't know). There are lizard-like creatures behind all stones, which disturb traveller.

Initially, creature is afraid of traveller and hides behind stone. But when one creature touch another, then it's courage increases, and it starts to chase traveller. Traveller can shout once every 5 second. Creatures are afraid of shout and run away from traveller for a while.

Game can be also found at github (https://github.com/mahomahomaho/sneak)

Install instructions

.deb - should run on any Debian-based distro

.tar.gz - should run on any Linux, just unpack and run usr/bin/sneak

.zip - windows single-exe binary


sneak-0.25.33.zip 28 MB
sneak-0.25.33-amd64.tar.gz 54 MB
sneak_0.25.33-1_amd64.deb 37 MB

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